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Alaska Hunt

Alaska Hunt - Shelter Somerset, John Solo

Are you feeling adventurous? You don't have to leave your house. You can simply read/listen to this book.


Zanebono Fusca moved to Alaska many years ago following his dream to live in a wildness, without modern constraints, restrictions, regulations, with his wife and his son. At thirty-one, 10 years later, divorced and without a family by his side, he wishes his life has turned differently, but he has never regretted his decision to chose Alaska and become a wildlife investigator.

When a grizzly broke into a trapper's cabin and killed a man, many people believe that it was just a tragic accident, and that the grizzly came to the cabin seeking for food. The sow was found dead some yards from the cabin with several shots and stabs with a knife, it was obvious that the victim did everything to protect himself, but failed.

The case has been closed but it left some unanswered questions and a strange feeling by Zane.

Exactly the same questions torment Joshua, an attractive nephew of the victim, who arrives in Anchorage to take care of his uncle's legacies, and to find more details about the tragic accident with a fatal outcome. Joshua rejects to accept the version of the bear attack published in a local newspaper. Even if it is against his principles, Zane decides to help Joshua to find more about the attack, at first only because he feels attracted by the young man and wants to spend more time with him.

But then the next bear attack happens...

And then the next one...


Now Zane has no doubts that all these attacks were not just tragic accidents, but a result of carefully organized and well thought out crime.
But who is behind it and why?

Alaska Hunt
is a wonderful book. I enjoyed not only the mystery part, that kept me on the edge of my seat, up to the very last page, but also a nice realistic romance between Zane and Joshua. Zane has never had any relationship with a man before, he is insecure, and reserved in his feelings, but he has his reasons. In spite of the romance part plays an important role in the novel, a love story doesn't belong to the main story-line of the book, but it is indispensable. The main focus is set on Zanebono Fusca, his life and the mystery he tries to solve. He is a great character with his issues and demons, very realistic and authentic, protective, honest and strong.

If you are in the right mood for an ecological wild- life thriller with a realistic romance and a very satisfying ending , set in the rugged raw nature of Alaska, you shouldn't miss it.


A special thank you to the narrator. I know that audio books could be very tricky, if you don't enjoy a narrator's style, it is difficult to like the book, doesn't matter how good it is. If you hesitate between an eBook and an audio-book here, just get an audio sample and make your own opinion.
John Solo did a great job and I can't recommend him highly enough.

I'm going definitively to check more audio books he narrated.