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~Henry Miller

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Damage Control

Damage Control - Lynn Van Dorn image

DNF at 38%

I normally don't rate my DNF books.


I read almost 40%, and it is a LOOOOOT, considering that this book has over 500 pages. So, I dare.

And...I'll make an exception for this book:

1. THERE ARE SO MANY 5 stars reviews that my lonely rating won't spoil things.
2. Just consider it as a different opinioin.
3. It is horrible I want to rate it and give it 0.5 star. But then I have to read at least 50%.
NO FUCKING WAY. You have to pay me for it.
4. Now I know there are not only FAKE NEWS. There are also FAKE REVIEWS. I suspect that...
5. Who am I to judge someone's taste?!

This book is LONG. It has over 500 pages. But it is not 500 pages of plot. It is over 500 pages of UNNECESSARY DETAILS. This book is OVERLOADED with unessential details. Long-winded became a different meaning. LONG-WINDED became a form. It is [b:Damage Control|36070211|Damage Control|Lynn Van Dorn|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1503934425s/36070211.jpg|57653957].

Unappealing characters, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong uninteresting dialogues, full of boring details, amateurish writing, SIMPLY AWFUL.

I'm not going to read anything by this author again in my life.



***ARC provided by the publisher to GBR in exchange for an honest review.