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~Henry Miller

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I have to say, I felt a little bit confused during the first chapters:
A strange accident with a Secret Service agent in which Harry was involved, neo-Nazi circles, scenes from the World War II, and not least, a lot of characters which Nordic names I couldn't memorize immediately.

But the plot, the characters, my curiosity and of course a masterful writing got my WHOLE attention from the very first page, and, guys, it was soooo worth it! By far the best installment in the series, and for sure one of the best mystery thriller I read.

It is EXTREMELY clever written. Really, in all these small but important details and remarks, in emotional aspect, in a way how [a:Jo Nesbø|904719|Jo Nesbø|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1493220079p2/904719.jpg] connects the past and the present, how he builds into the plot unexpected twists.

This book has over 500 pages, a long book actually. But I haven't even noticed it. I can't say that I read it in one sitting, I had to interrupt my pleasure with such trivial things like going to work, sleeping and other boring activities that we name a RL, but I swear, I reduce this part of my life to minimum, and I can't wait to read my next Harry Hole's book!


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