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Kill Game

Kill Game - Cordelia Kingsbridge My second book by [a:Cordelia Kingsbridge|5781497|Cordelia Kingsbridge|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1381577348p2/5781497.jpg], and I am glad I decided to give this author one more chance. Now I can say, I got what all the fuzz is about: it was good written, it was HOT, it was suspenseful, it wasn't boring. And there is one more fact that is very important in romance mysteries for me, yes even if we have some corpses along the story - the author made me grin, and even laugh.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Dominic and Levi, they are very different, that is also contributed by their family's background: Levi is Jew and Dominic has Italian roots.

I can say, the both got my full attention, and I am looking forward to the next book. Well, of course not only because I want to know how their relationship will be developed further, but also because I'd like to know who IS this serial murderer. It is a bit unusual for a mystery book not to solve the case and prolong it into the next installment. But it could be an interesting twist, since our two boys HAVE to work together on this case, but at the same time agreed to start slow on the private side, because Levi needs time to process the separation from his boyfriend of two years, and Dominic doesn't want to be ONLY a means to an end.

There is one more character that I like especially - Rebel, image Dominic's Shepard-Rottweiler mix that could play a Tibetan Mastiff if needed.

All in all: a very promising start for a new series.

***Copy provided kindly by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***