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You Must Remember This: A Gay Retelling of Casablanca

You Must Remember This: A Gay Retelling of Casablanca - John Michael Curlovich DNF at 50%

This book has a false title. IMO. It shouldn't be "A Gay Retelling...", but "A Bisexual Retelling..."

If you read the blurb, you will know that there is a FM relationship here too. But who will normally read a blurb with THAT title? Either you want to read A Gay Retelling of Casablanca or you watch an original Casablanca movie, right?

A warning: every character, well at least every male main character in this book is bisexual. They fall in love with men and women, the same. The problem here is - to find the right audience for this book. (And I don't want to talk about another issues I have with it). From my experience I know that MM Romance readers don't like to share their male heroes with female characters, and FM Romance readers won't pick it up because of the title. I don't mind to read about bisexual characters, so I was actually almost a perfect candidate for this book. But a) I'd like to know it beforehand, so that I can read it in a proper mood and b) the continuous switching to and fro between love to a woman and to a man (often on the same page, within the same paragraph) was not only very unusual for a genre, but also exhausting and kinda a turn off even for me. It left me indifferent, unconnected and confused.

"His kiss, his arms around me were so good. How was it possible?
Lilli. I wanted her. Wanted her again."


It is though not a bad book, it is easy to read and to follow, and if you are a big fan of Casablanca and don't mind some experiments, you can give it a try. I hoped I can finish it, but another jumping between Lilli and whoever now melt away my initial determination.
And well..I don't like Casablanca movie. It is why I looked forward to read a gay version of it and maybe to change my mind. No, not happened.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**