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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Kleine Stadt der großen Träume: Roman

Kleine Stadt der großen Träume: Roman - Fredrik Backman, Antje Rieck-Blankenburg imageAudibleheadphones_icon_1

This book is a brilliant example of a characters driving plot. It explains also the very slow start. It is the way how the author introduces a readers to the casting. And on some level you'll just forget about the plot, it will become almost invisible. It is not THE DRAMA, it is not the story that will push you forward, but a blind desire to know how the characters will behave in every single situation, it is their motivations and their evolution that matter. The real treasure of this book are the characters and their development. WHY they did it. And WHO are they really. And the writing. NOT the story. Well, it is not that the story is not worth talking about. Actually it is a case for a fiery debate, especially in regards of recent public revelations.

Maybe it is the reason why I'd prefer this book to be a stand alone. I think I know who in this book are real heroes and who not. The story...do I want to know how it goes further? I don't think so.
But of course I'll read the next book. Because of its characters. And because of a superb writing.
And a little bit because of ice hockey.


P.S. Me first time listening to an audio book in a car. Instead of news. I'm a news junkie. But I WANTED to know what happens here next. I was driving home like a NORMAL driver( not like me normally), who was cared to get home NOT as quickly as possible (it is me normally), but safe. This book MAKES you safe. This book makes you CRAZY.