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The Boy Can't Help It

The Boy Can't Help It - Gavin Atlas 3,5 porny stars

First of all, let me clarify the genre of this porny lusty collection of short stories. We are talking about GAY EROTICA here. Let me emphasize it, because every now and then the genre will be misinterpreted, and as a consequence, disappointed readers and misunderstood authors.

The Boy Can't Help It is not a MM romance anthology - though it is still as romantic as a healthy gay erotica could tolerate.


This book is an arousing collection of top/bottom fantasies, HOOOOT and full of relish. I won’t categorize it as a BDSM anthology, I am not an expert here, but this book is more about craving for submission and desire to be dominated and used in all possible and impossible ways than about some fancy leather accessories.

It is well written, and pretty slutty. A solid masturbating stuff, so to speak. Keep your mind free and of course the both hands, or in other words: this anthology has power to arouse the reader's sexually. Exactly what erotica literature is for.

But even if I assume that it is well written, it is not easy to rate it: A mischievous thought that we deal with rather a risqué genre that doesn’t have a noble social state remains stuck in mind.

If you are into a bottom/top dynamic, and you can't have enough of an insatiable and always horny bottom, in all shapes and types, if you like dirty talks, if you enjoy smut from time to time, then it could be a good choice.

My critical points: I found the collection a bit repetitive - you shouldn’t read such books in one sitting, no doubts, but more diversity would have been welcomed. Besides there was one long-winded short story, Simple and Easy, that was not my cuppa (it could be through yours, if you into a gang bang). It rather exhausted me, but not in a way one could mean talking about erotica. I was simply bored.

All in all, it is a well written sexy fun collection with some unexpected emotional moments.

For sensual quiet hours with oneself.


***Copy provided by the author to GBR in exchange for an honest review***