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~Henry Miller

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Behind Closed Doors

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I found the beginning much more better than the whole package. The more I learned about an other monstrous nature of a charming lawyer the more implausible the whole story appeared. Not that I don't believe that domestic violence exists, but here it is another level of it, let's talk about a maniac, a psychopath, who managed to keep his real "I" from everyone and everything. But here though everything around Jack's personality is extremely unreal and illogical. I just cant see HOW and WHY he became what he became. The author didn't convince me. An eagerly awaited resolution came as a relief: Thanks God, it is over.

An interesting, small but IMO a very significant detail at the very end.

In spite of many complaints about the plot I still NEEDED to know HOW it would end, and kept on listening (even with eye-rolls).

One bonus star for the narrating.