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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Operation Rubikon
Andreas Pflüger, Merlau, Günter
The Future Won't Be Long
Jarett Kobek
A Short History of Nearly Everything
William Roberts, Bill Bryson
The Power of One
Humphrey Bower, Bryce Courtenay
The Romanov Mission
Robert Jackson
Goliath: A Thriller
Shawn Corridan, Gary Waid
Last Days of Summer
Steve Kluger
And the Band Played On
Randy Shilts, Victor Bevine

The Story of the Lost Child

The Story of the Lost Child - Elena Ferrante, Ann Goldstein, Hillary Huber Absolutely stunning.

This ending left me speechless and with the heaviest book hangover EVER.

P.S. I'm proud to have the same first name. Elena. Isn't it beautiful?