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Seven Suspects (The Bobbi Logan Series)

Seven Suspects (The Bobbi Logan Series) - Renee James imageIt is NOT a stand-alone. Seven Suspects wrote a new sequel in Bobbi Logan Crime Novel Series was a mixture of excitement and concerns. As much as I enjoyed the series, I was a bit skeptical: The case was solved (you have to know that the both books ARE about the same case, but from different perspectives), sealed up, the guilty ones got what they deserved and Bobby Logan became her life fully under control (at least it is what I desperately hoped to). And Bobby is not a detective, but a businesswoman, an owner of a beauty salon, a very talented hairdresser. What a new sequel in the mystery series could be about? With an emphasis on MYSTERY? Don't worry, buckle up and be ready for a rollercoaster ride!

imageMaybe it is a good possibility to warn that violence sciences are very graphical, but if you read the previous books, and I hope you did, then you must know that the author does not spare her readers a detailed description when she writes about hate crime.

I read [b:Seven Suspects|33892778|Seven Suspects|Renee James|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484935456s/33892778.jpg|54852886] with a MC Bobby Logan, a transgender woman, an amazing character, an owner of a beauty salon and a very talented hairdresser, almost in one sitting and I loved every minute of it. The dynamic and the unexpected twists in the second part of the book, in contrast to the smooth and quiet beginning made me forget about everything around myself, I don’t know who drove me more crazy - Bobby with her good faith, or the author for putting us both through this.

Bobby has arrived at a point in her life where she lives in balance with herself and her body, she leads a quiet and content life, she runs successfully her own business, she has people she loves and who cares for her around. But she is a survivor type and a natural born fighter: to become a person she is now she had to overcome some extremely difficult stages in her life. And though she mastered them all with bravery, she made some enemies along the way.


When one day she becomes a feeling, she has been trailed and watched by someone, she is concerned but first tries not to pay too much attention to it considering it for an obsessive idea. Though the situation becomes much serious when she starts to receives anonymous threats. When one day her salon fells victim to vandalism, and shortly after an unknown intruder breaks into her apartment leaving behind a trail of destruction, she realizes that she can’t be a silent observer who waits for the police to find the villain. She is torn between her female nature and her male side that is still there, hidden deep inside.
The other part of me wants to take bloody, unrelenting revenge on the sick coward who did this. I know this is my male side, the one I’m not supposed to have, the one that was supposed to go away along with the testosterone that made me strong and hairy and inclined to violence. This feeling reveals me as a fraud, a hopeless queer with no real gender, but just now, I don’t care . The anger feels right. The determination to defend myself feels right. The willingness to kill or maim this villain feels good. The motherfucker who did this is going to pay.

She has to take the law into their own hands.

She makes a list of six suspects of her own. But maybe she missed someone? Who is this person? And why does he want to hurt her?


I have to admit, I was actually surprised that Bobby didn’t have THIS person on her list from the beginning. Even if I didn’t know FOR SURE who it COULD BE. (All six were not trustworthy, to tell the truth). But when it became clear WHO it WAS....the last 15% left my blood frozen.(Or boiled)

Absolutely great resolution, excellent writing, but the most a magnificent attraction of the series is the main character. Bobby Logan belongs to one of my favorite characters EVER. I could have never imagined that to be in a head of a transgender woman could be so fascinating. Transgender fiction is a difficult genre to win a wide audience; it belongs to a marginal genre of LGBT fiction. But maybe one of the reasons, there are not enough GREAT books to attract readers?
For this reason I appeal to all my GR friends and people who read LGBT fiction, and for all those who read General fiction and mystery, you simply HAVE to read this series.

Please, read it.


***Copy provided kindly by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***