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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov ***4,8 Stars! The best sequel in the series for me until now!***

"Holding people away from you, and denying yourself love, doesn't make you strong. If anything, it makes you weaker. Because you're doing it out of fear."

― Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby


I have to confess that I was a bit afraid to read this sequel.
I am a very sensitive reader if it concerns some very sensitive topics. From my view. I can't expect that the issues that I consider as the sensitive ones are also important for the other readers. And vice versa.
The topic AIDS is one of this very sensitive themes for me.


But Aleks and L.Witt made it perfectly. Honestly. Without any kitsch or cliché. Gentle. Convincingly. Trustfully.
I am deeply impressed. I am very excited how they handle this delicate theme.


Frank is a owner of the Market Garden. Ever since his partner died from AIDS, Frank has resigned himself to staying single. It was easier to follow this rules until Stefan, a former US soldier, hot young and dominant, walks through the door. Frank's rule number one- not to be involve in the relationship with his rentboys. But the moment Stefan enters his life nothing seems as simple as it was before. Not because his partner died from AIDS less than 2 years ago and he is still missing him badly, but because Frank is also a HIV-positive. How many has he to bend, to compromise, to give up to be happy? Is it possible to build a new relationship with somebody who is much younger under this circumstances? Can they have a future together?

I couldn't imagine after reading the story of Nick ans Spencer to love another pair more, but Aleks and L.A.Witt made the impossible come true.
Frank and Stefan alias Brandon, they have stolen my heart.

Wonderful, poignant story, like a modern fairy tale. Touching and beautiful, sensual and painful at once, amazing, fascinating, very hot, aroused and in NO CASE in NO WAY cheesy or tasteless.


I am so sad now because there is no any further sequel for this series and I hope to see more of this series in the nearby future.

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