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Sinister Kisses (SKALS, #1) - Adriana Noir 4,7 stars!!

I am a big fan of dark, gritty erotic psychological thrillers with an obsessive strong alpha male.
As I’ve read the description I knew that it is one of those must-read-books for me.
And this story delivers EXACTLY what the description and the warning said.
Taylor and Sebastian met each other purely coincidental, thought not under normal conditions as a usual couple. He was “at work” and she crossed unwanted his field of activity. Actually nobody just walks into Sebastian’s work area, because he is not a normal man, he is a team leader of a lethal, underground organization known as SKALS. Taylor was lucky that she survived. But could she count herself luckily? She found herself very quickly caught in an abusive relationship that she will never be able to escape. Sebastian developed into a possessive, obsessive, controlling freak with a major temper; he is dark and dangerous and he’ll never let her go. Is there a way out this trap for Taylor?
“It doesn't matter how you got yourself into this, cupcake. There's no getting out."

I tried to dislike Sebastian, hey he was meant to be a dark demon with all anti-hero issues one can imagine. One minute he was tender, passion and full of love, the next second his domineering possessiveness turns to violence and hate. But I love my men alpha and if they are as intense as Sebastian I am lost. And he is intense, in all of his disturbing and provoking emotions. He tries to change himself for Taylor though it is not that easy for him. Is his dark side may be just a hard shell to defense his sensitive soft core?

I was hooked into the story from the very beginning and finished the book almost in one day. It was absolutely impossible to put this book down. It is for sure not a traditional romance/love story, but it is excellent and brilliant in a way it is written and keeping me constantly on edge!

I am moving on to the second book! I'm so excited and nervous to see what happens next!.

My casting for Sebastian:


..and Taylor:


Yes, there is a very small spoiler for me, though I have to mention it. Since Wallbanger I hate the word “giggle”, it ruined the book for me. And I did it hard with too much giggles for my taste in this book too. It is the only reason I gave the book 4, 8 instead of 5 stars.