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Consequences - Aleatha Romig 4,9 STARS!

I was warned -it is not kind of BDSM-roman, and it is an not an erotic suspense, but I didn't expect this one!!!!
This is one of the most chilling books I've ever read!

It started like a well written psychological drama. Anthony is charming, good looking and wealthy and he has his eyes set on Claire. Some days later Claire wakes up to realize that she being kidnapped, and being held captive in his house hundreds of miles from home.
Anthony Rawlings, one of world's richest men, is domineering, controlling and loves to see the world around him the way he wants and all that he wants now is Claire to be his. She becomes his property.


After a few months of having to follow and live by his crazed and strict rules Claire suddenly noticed that her feeling for Antony started to transform in a strange way.
She is falling for him...
The story was so unbelievable, I was suffering with Claire while reading what she went through. At the same moment I just wished they found together some kind of solution, the way out of this dead-end, because I sincerely believed that Tony was getting to be better, that he was starting to realize his mistakes and that he was really in love with Claire! Because he was not only sadistic, he could be also very romantic, sensual, passionate and gentle.
I loved and hated him, because when he was good, he was the best and when he was bad, he made my blood boil! But I knew something terrible had happened to him long ago, and possibly only a truly love could help him to overcome the ghosts of the past.

By almost 90% the book the story took a twist, I wasn't expecting at all! An excitingly plotted psychological drama turned into a first class excellent dark psychological thriller! I had my theories but THIS ending exceeded all the possible imaginations!
From now I am a big fan of Aleatha Romig! It was a fantastic brilliant read!
I am happy that I have already the second book and can immediately start with Truth, I just had to know what was going to happen next!