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Beauty From Pain (Beauty, #1) - Georgia Cates 4,3 stars

I love this book just from the very first page. It is a kind of story that I will never be tired of reading.

What do we have here?
♥ Laurelyn Prescott is 22 years old American, a musician and also a song writer, who flies with her best friend Addison to Australia for three months. Addison visits her older brother and Laurelyn just wants to run away from her disappointed love and to forget her ex. She just needs time to put herself together.
♥ Jack McLachlan, 29 years old, Australia’s most eligible bachelor; he is young, rich, extremely self confident, very very sexy alpha-billionaire, who owns the best vineyards of Australia and New Zeeland. He doesn’t do relationships. His imagination of relationship is a kind of companionship. He gets his companions to agree up front to his conditions he promises them “their dreams come true and the best time of their life” in exchange for a time limit, no real names and no contact after. Laurelyn is a perfect candidate for this role: by the ending of this 3 months she is back to USA without knowing who he is. No obligation, no deep emotional connection. Everything just for fun. She doesn’t say “YES” at first, but he is so damn sexy and gentleman and… the best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else, isn’t it? What does she have to lose?

And here we are: A heart-warming beautiful love story with a lot of passion, confidence, steamy actions, sexual tenseness- thanks god, NO PLAYROOM!- gorgeous, sexy, alpha, independent surprisingly caring wine magnate and a pretty solid, tough lovely heroine.

I really liked the slow build up of their relationship throughout the book that I couldn’t help myself from being emotionally attached to them as a couple.
I loved the two POVs in this book. It allows the reader to feel emotions from both sides of the story and to fall in love with both characters equally.

The book is really well- written and the cliff hanger, though normally I hate it, is really great!

I am excited to read what happens next!!

Now I'm really in the mood for a glass of Shiraz from Australia!...