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~Henry Miller

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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle
Between 3, 8 and 4 stars

Let us take a very self-assertive approach. Nobody here has any interest in my review.

So I won’t bother you with it.

We know the plot, we know the characters, and we know what are we talking about.

We are among us. No strangers here.

It is the second book in The Artists Trilogy, but actually it is the third book of the series.
We must not to forget about the book 0, 5, the prequel.
(Yeah, I still have to get used to this strange numbers!)

The only things you would like to know are:

1)How are my Javier and Camden look like.(Patience please!)
2)Which team I belong to.(That is not that easy!)

My casting:




Hmm...Camden...Camden...It was difficult to love him in this second book of the trology to me.
There are some reasons for it. First of all I needed some time to get used to the Camden POV. I just didn't feel it the way I'd like to. If after On every street + Sins & Needels I was not even sure whom I prefered more- I would have chosed the both if I could- there was not even a sign of any uncertainness in Shooting Scars for whom I had a heart.

Though I have to confess that at the end of the book Camden made a strong recovery in my eyes.
As I turned the last page I was almost feeling uncertain whether I am a Javier or Camden team. Now we have two big lagers and each of them hopes to snatch the big prize at the end!

How Karina is going to deserve this dilemma?

I am looking forward with a great expectation to her final decision!!!