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Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov From 3,8 to 4,2 stars.

Let me tell first- it is an absolute MUST READ for all fans of SF.
You won’t be able to avoid this short novel if you have read SF. It tells us about Nicolai, the son of Vadim


and Henri LeBeau,the nephew of the CEO of LeBeau Mining.


Gold Digger is an enjoyable sweet light read with some really steamy hot scenes and can be read also as a stand alone. The father-son moments were great- I was so happy to meet Vadim again; the scenes with him were like a balm for my soul. The writing is just so how I expected it to be, if you have already read Aleksandr Voinov I don’t need to explain anything. If not, you have to start NOW.

At the same time though you have to accept that you won’t build this deep and strong connection to the characters the way it was in SF. It is understandable- SF is an epic work; we accompany Vadim and Dan through 25 years of their life full of highs and depths, pains and love, wars and peace.

I am completely agreed with my GR friend Kelleanne: This rating is not a problem of the author, it is our problem, because we compare all characters coming after Vadim and Dan and, sorry, but I can’t help myself- I’m just badly missing these two guys...and need urgently something that can take my mind off them.

Lena, shut up, and please do not talk about SF every minute, it is another book here! (That was my inner voice)