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~Henry Miller

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Wanderlust - Skye Warren
2 stars just because I forced myself to finish it.

This short novella is an eldorado, a greenhouse for all supposably existing cliches.
Unfortunately I don't mean it positively.
It started really good, besides nothing can attract me more than the simple warning like this:

Wanderlust is a dark erotic novel which explores dubious consent, captivity, and power play. Not intended for those uncomfortable with the subject matter or under eighteen.

Why I was disappointed:

◆ The first time we met Hunter his face was in the shadows. His face stayed for me in the shadows up to the end. All I can say about his appearance-he was a thickly muscled bulk. As I've already said, the rest stayed in the shadows.

◆ Evie. Very special case. Very unreal. Can you imagine that the Stockholm syndrom could come into play already during the rape?! Yepp. Rape itself plays a big role in this story because every male person who crosses her path wants to rape her. Here we have though to distinguish between the good rapists (Hunter) and the bad rapists(the rest of the male population).

◆ The next day after the kidnapping we begin to learn what a nice fellow this thickly muscled bulk Hunter is! He was wrongfully convicted of the rape and had to serve the sentence. *sad sight*.He is eco-friendly*respectful sight*. Evie was his first case, he have never kidnapped anybody before*simple sight*. He is protective, how sweet! Of course he is! He has no other choice in this world full of rapists if he wants to keep her for himself! *sight*. Not surprisingly that he was also raped a while ago.*tears*+*sight*. He is-here comes the bombshell-an ex priest! Sorry, it is too much for me!

Sorry, this one didn't work for me.