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Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) - Sylvia Day I knew it won't be easy to write this review, because I was totally crazy about this series after the first two books. May be I expected just too much from the book 3. Who knows? I don't want to write a lot. My rating for Entwined with you -3 stars, Gedeion saved it.

Why only 3 stars?
❶ I could put it down. Even more-from time to time I wanted to put it down. If I am really hooked to a story, I can't do it, no matter whether I have to get up early the next day. The fact that I've needed almost 4 days to finish it, speaks for itself.
❷ There were just too many pages with dialogues that bored me or exhausted!
❸ I repeatedly catch myself skipping lines!(see p.2)
❹ Even more-I started to skip pages!!!(see p.2)
❺ With a big exception of Gideon I don't like the most figures in this book. The most annoying one is Cary.I should however like him, because he is the best-friend-ever of Eva, but I am fed up with him and I have no interest in his life and his love affairs.

And I'm afraid, that MY love affair with this series comes to an end.
Sorry Sylvia! In spite of my blind admiration for Gideon I'm not sure I want to read more of this series.

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