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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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A Mother's Love - Wendy Reid
It is difficult to review this book.
Not for the faint of heart at all.
It was disgustful, it was sick, it was creepy, it was perverted, it was provocative, it was gripping, it was DIFFERENT and it was difficult to put down.

It is not this kind of books you would like to recommend to all your friends as soon as you finished reading it.
I am not sure I would recommend this mental illness-related book to anybody.
Ok, I would recommend you this book if you want to study psychology or deal with the topics of the human psychology and deranged dysfunctional behavior of the human individuals.
It is a heavy read, not easy to swallow for normal people, far beyond everybody's comfort zone and the warning should be taken seriously.
WARNINGS: Incest, graphic violence, child molestation.

Plot: Collin is an insatiable sadistic sexual serial killer, he kills as the mood takes him: if he is bored or bad-tempered or he has a hard-on. It is not just a rape, he does it in the most brutal way. Death for his victims is a long-desired deliverance from their unbearable suffering. The roots of his impaired relationship to sexuality remain in his childhood. When he was 12 his mother started to touch him in the most intimate way, they become lovers. He knows it is wrong but as a child he can do nothing against it and is lost between different inconsistent feelings out of pleasure and disgust. This mixed emotions and the belief which his mother memorized into his head- all women were whores-is the only reality that rules his life.

Writing style: It was my problem. I found it too sterile and factual. It was like a film script. The minimum emotions. A lot of descriptions. A lot of repetitions.

Am I glad to read something different, to make this kind of experience?

I only know that as soon as I have turned the last page, I asked myself why I was keeping on reading this sick imagination?!