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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Learning To Feel

Learning To Feel - N.R. Walker

DNF at 37%

I feel me BAD about DNF it.

Because I hate to give the negative reviews for the books that were recommended me from my dear GR friends.Isabel, forgive me!!! It was not your fault! image

Because it is a fan-fiction and nobody responds to a present from the nice people with the words: "What the hell is it?!" but thanks them instead and smiles at that. Even if it is the worst present ever.

And it is how I feel me now. Again.
Because everybody like this book and me not.


I simply can't stand the naive DOCTORS who half of their mature life thought about themselves to be asexual because they have never even come up with the idea that sex could be something different than only an action between a man and a woman, DOCTORS who are supposed to know more about the human anatomy than me but in the reality shock me every time with their poor knowledge about the NORMAL HUMAN things, DOCTORS that after they SUDDENLY have developed their SEXUALITY are not able to ignore any male ass going by without getting a painful hard-on, DOCTORS that SUDDENLY turn into insatiable sex monsters after many years of voluntary celibate.
It's about how Doctor Nathan meets Trent Jamieson. These two main characters are NICE, almost perfect and...BORING. I could maybe accept Trent, but I couldn't stand Nathan. (see above)

There were too much lubricant, too much swollen cocks, balls, cums, groans, too much sucking, too much finger fucking on every page. I can't believe I'm complaining about it!! But all these was not natural, not hot, not aroused but fade, fake and repetitive. The same actions and the same reactions and the same dirty talk again and again and again... The story itself was drawn in the sea out of lubricant and the most strange thing about it - I didn't want even to touch my naughty parts in any way while reading!

Learning to Feel did nothing to my feelings.

Maybe we both had a bad timing.