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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Dark Edge of Honor

Dark Edge of Honor - Aleksandr Voinov,  Rhi Etzweiler 4,6 melting(♥♥♥♥, ♡♡♡♡♡♡) stars!

Dark Edge of Honor is a military dark science fiction novel.

YES - it is an enemies to lovers story a là Aleksandr Voinov.
Thereby everything has been said.

NO- it is not Special Forces..

Still there are so many details that remind me of my favorite book!..
It is why I recommend it first of all to all true fans of SF.
Reading Dark Edge of Honor was like balm for my soul!
There were so many exciting Déjà vu moments!..

Without giving too much away:

There are two powerful systems in the book: the Doctrine and the Alliance that are not really at war with each other but represent two different ideologies and struggle for power in space. It is the Cold War of the future. The reader can very quickly find out who play here the bad guys and who the good ones, and that is not just because of the names of the two main characters.
S-e-r-g-e-i... This name melts in my mouth like a bitter-sweet chocolate....yeah, I have my reasons...
An attractive young officer of the Doctrine- loyal, honorable faithful and... naive.
Mike, the Alliance soldier, is an undercover agent, a spy, on the Cirokko, a small insignificant planet that the Doctrine would like to have under control, this planet looks like a miniature of Afghanistan, the same mountainous landscape with a huge unexplored territories and the rebel movement that fights against the invasion.

MOUNTAINS...MILITARY... If this two words come in connection with A. Voinov...*sigh*


"They were strange, the mountains. Rising up out of nowhere, snow-capped peaks breaking the vivid blue skyline. Not what he was used to seeing in the least. And how there could be snow up there, when it was so hot everywhere, baffled him.
The glare from the sun reflected off that snow and, when the heat rose from the valleys, the mountains seemed to drift or swim, which was the most disconcerting thing he'd ever seen."


Do I really need to explain how my heart started to race as the two protagonists came into play?

The circumstances under which the both met each other are not the same as in SF, and Sergei is not Vadim, and Mike is not Dan, but the chemistry between them, the sexual tension is very similar to that what Dan and Vadim had, and it would be a lie if I'd say that no parallel can be made between this characters. READ IT!!

What can I add to all that has just been said in the many positive reviews?

Great,well told story, with an ingenious solution, full of emotions and passion! Be prepared!
Great characters to die for, you will fall in love with both of them, it is my guarantee!!
Sex scenes-EXTREMELY HOT! And extremely beautiful. And extremely poetic and sensitive and intense.


Unforgettable writing style. As always.

Dark Edge of Honor is an absolute MUST READ for all SF and for all Aleks fans.

Love love love love it a lot!
It is definitely one of those books you would like to re-read someday.