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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Captive Prince: Volume Two

Captive Prince: Volume Two - C.S. Pacat, S.U. Pacat Between 2 and 2,5 stars.

It is the second book in the series and if you've read the first one and loved it you'll love this one too.

If you didn't you can probably start to love it. Or not.

Good news:
The book 2 is better than the book 1.

And it was for me one of the reasons to finish it.
I didn't want to rate it worse than the first book.
Because DNF-is a 1 star rating for me.

My first intention was to write a detailed review and explain my feelings or, better to say, NOT FEELINGS for this book.
But I changed my mind.

This book is a solid evidence that we all have different taste.
Not only in our books, but in general.

I strongly believe that every book has it's own soul and reading for me is a kind of highly spiritual communication between my own soul and a book's soul.

It didn't take place here.

Most likely the Prince's soul was not present.
Maybe it was on the road to canvass new fans.

It came shortly back at around 80% for a small talk, but left straight after.

Yeah...it was busy to gain a lot of new shiny stars...

And I....

I'm just stardust...

...just stardust...