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~Henry Miller

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Royce Ree Omnibus (The Emperor's New Clothes), Volume 1

Royce Ree Omnibus (The Emperor's New Clothes), Volume 1 - Aldous Mercer
The ability to read Goethe and Dostoevsky in original doesn’t give me any advantage to read science fiction in English. And it is maybe less to do with the ability to understand language though with the science fiction genre itself. I strongly believe that the regular readers of a science fiction genre have a different brain structure than me. They feel this imaginary world on the totally different level and can grasp immediately the meaning of the many words that don’t belong to our every day talk.

I don’t need to mention that English is not my native language- a native speaker can find enough mistakes in my reviews not to have any doubt about it- but I can assure you that my reading English is perfectly good. It’s why I was desperate at the beginning being forced to read the same paragraphs over and over again to understand who was who and who did what and what it was about at all.

And the only thought I had during reading of the first sequel was:
And here is the moment where I have to thank Julio who caught my attention with his reviews to the series:

Julio's review The Emperor's New Clothes
Julio's review The Gorilla in the Vents
Julio's review [bc:Imperial Command|19265231|Imperial Command (Royce Ree #5)|Aldous Mercer|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1386673098s/19265231.jpg|27312070]

Because without his exciting reviews:

imageI would have never read it. I would have never added it to my TBR. I would have never noticed it at all. But-thanks God- I'm a very curious person.
imageI would have probably given up after the first installment. But I wanted to know WHY somebody was so excited about it? It had to be a reason for it.

And I’m soooo glad/happy/grateful to give it a chance.
And I’m soooo glad/happy/grateful to develop a new talented author, Aldous Mercer. His writing is one of the pleasant surprises of this year for me.

In spite of a difficult start, I’ve read it one sitting and enjoyed it a lot.

Can I say, I fell in love from the second sight? I definitely did.
The best thing here are:
image It is something I can't compare with. It is crazy, funny and serious at once, sexy and unusual.
image It’s getting better and better with every next part.
image The writing.

My only complaining:In spite of very obvious sexual tension between the main character...can I have more sex scenes in the future?? Please?

And I’m looking forward to reading more of Aldous Mercer in the future.

Highly recommended. And not only for the science fiction fans.