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Shock & Awe (A Sidewinder Story)

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux Between 2,5 and 3 stars

Shock & Awe left me in a state of a slight shock.
And I mean it not like a sensation. Quite the opposite.

Yeah..all my dear not mm-books, you can give a cheer!
I am MAYBE not totally lost for you.
Because it is not enough for me to have more than one penis in a book to make me delighted and perfectly happy. This book is the conformation of it.

It started very promisingly and I hoped I would like it as many other readers.
But I didn't. It has a very good rating, then let me just say,
that it didn't work for me, that I was NOT in the mood for the endless sex scenes without any plot and that I - it was the worst for me - didn't feel any chemistry between Nick and Kelly.

I could be a picky reader. I could me a moody woman.

I want everything: a good story, great characters, steamy HOT sex and fantastic chemistry between them. And the writing style.

I like Cut & Run series. I like the characters. I like it's easiness, I like it's humor, I like it's absence of drama, I ADORE Zane and Ty, I like the chemistry between them, I like the development of their relationship, I like almost everything in it and I like the writing style.

I am not sure about Sidewinder. Did I like it? Not really. Maybe. Sometimes. But I rolled my eyes definitely more than twice.

Kelly as a character. Hmmmm....He is WHO?! A Marine? Every time I had to remind me Kelly is not she, Kelly is he. Kelly's POV...
Nick. He refused to accept Kelly's "proposal" for a long 20% of the book. It is almost awkward.
Sex. More like a handbook on how to turn a straight guy to gay.
I'll take it with me in my next life, because I'm going to be back as a man and as gay.
JUCI!!! You're responsible for an enough quantity of lubricant!!!image

I am not sure if I want to read more of this series.
I have actually no interest in Nick and Kelly.

And here is my last question:

Why for god sake, dear Mrs. Abigail Roux, you spend your time for something like Shock & Awe instead of working on the next sequel of Cut & Run??????


The length of the novel is not an excuse.
I've read recently a short novel with only 32 pages that gave me so much more than almost 100 pages of Shock & Awe.