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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Operation Rubikon
Andreas Pflüger, Merlau, Günter
The Future Won't Be Long
Jarett Kobek
A Short History of Nearly Everything
William Roberts, Bill Bryson
The Power of One
Humphrey Bower, Bryce Courtenay
The Romanov Mission
Robert Jackson
Goliath: A Thriller
Gary Waid, Shawn Corridan
Last Days of Summer
Steve Kluger
And the Band Played On
Randy Shilts, Victor Bevine
Last Outpost Of All That Is - gekizetsu

"Lots of legends about the end of the world."...
“Nothing like this, though.”

A lot of emotions...
A lot of unusual intensity...
A lot of breathtaking moments that were supposed to be wrong to admire...

A lot of unanswered questions...

And a strange feeling of a silent satisfaction left at the end...

The very last sentence....
Over the years, the cities began to crumble. But Sam and Dean didn’t.
Final tally: 6.6 billion, minus two.

OMG!! WHO IS THIS gekizetsu??!!