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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Bright Mouths

Bright Mouths - shukyou
4,5 stars

"To exorcise a demon you must not look in the eye
not let it make a home inside you:
a demon eats your heart; a demon
comes from the heart; it sits and waits
from one beat to the next; it neither sleeps
nor lets you sleep; it neither eats
nor lets you eat; it will not leave hungry.
Foolish boy! Look at its mouth!
Your blood already gleams on its lips;
you can chase it from this house,but it will never
lose your taste, nor will you get back
the heart it has swallowed whole."

"That was beautiful", he said, stretching his body out along Tenzjin's until they were chest-to-chest again. "Do I get a translation?"



The next book and the next little gem from Shukyou.

I don't like to use the word fan according to her books.
I prefer an admire.

Exactly, I've become a big admire of her writing skills.

And with every book of this amazing author my deep admiration is growing.

I don't know how to describe this story.

There were things that looked like the creatures the superstitious called demons, in the way children saw animals in summer clouds, but there were no demons; there were human vendettas and sworn vengeance but there were no such things as curses. There was a rational explanation for everything in the world.

It is poetic and philosophic.

And it is hot and pensive at the same time.

And sad. And...simply beautiful.

I had so many questions during reading.

Did I get my answers?

It is like poetry- a lot of way to read it and a lot of way to understand it.

Everybody will see here his own story behind and everybody will get his own answers.

In the way everybody sees his own pictures in summer clouds.


Highly recommended.