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c:rano.bergerac - shukyou
1,9 stars

It was not my book. As I have seen, it was written 2011.

Was it one of her early works?

I couldn't find any connection to the MC's and I don't like the story itself.

Though the idea itself was not bad, it just didn't touch me in a way it supposed to do.


GVI is a service companies that sells it's service, VR sex. It is a GVI's computer programs and it is something between telephone sex and cyber sex. Nobody who demands this kind of service knows that behind every imaginable sex-partner is hidden a real person.

There were basically two things GVE employees were never, EVER, under penalty of the wrath of the legal gods, supposed to do: we weren't supposed to tell about the human components behind the VR, and we weren't supposed to violate client privacy.

Exactly this kind of NEVER-EVER happened.

What didn't work for me:

1)The farther-son-topic and how it was performed here.
The part with "I'm supposed to have become a good son"-"But you are good." Blah-blah-blah. I hate it. And it was here too long and too detailed and too repetitive.
2)Rex,super rich and super sexy and super smart and super unhappy, was STRANGE. Not credible at all. Yes, in spite of science fiction, I need to see logic in the behavior of my characters.
3)The employer, the poor student,I-teller, who fall in love and broke the GVE's code of conduct- RIDICULOUS.
4)The ending. Absurdly³. Sorry. I can't buy it.

I feel me bad because it is the first review and the rating is not very good, but the author has already so many positive feed backs, that I hope a bit critical review helps to find out what readers like and what not very much. Though taste are different, maybe it is exactly your book.
And this book/review does nothing to my admiration of [a:shukyou|6478559|shukyou|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1390588703p2/6478559.jpg]