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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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The Ghost Slept Over

The Ghost Slept Over - Marshall Thornton
BR with Sofia and Rosa


What a crazy and amusing ride!

What a witty and sweet romantic comedy!

What do we have:

A failed actor Cal Parsons, who performes his one-man show in queer coffee shops across California for fifty bucks per week, who lives in his own truck and dreams about a big career in New York, becomes suddenly and totally unexpected for himself the only heir of his ex-partner's estate.

An attractive country lawyer Dewitt Morgan, who was the attorney of McCormack Williams, the ex of Cal Parsons, for 7 years, who represents his estate and who almost gives up the hope to meet MISTER RIGHT.

A moody ghost, who wants to be loved.

The Bernyard Players, a community theater, that wants to survive through a sudden absence of financial support.

Add to all that the dry humour of Marshall Thornton, his amazing writing skills, changing POVs from the first person a là Marshall Thornton- he is a genius of the first person's POV and here you have it double!- and you'll have an entertaining quirky sweet story that I'd like to become a movie!

I fell asleep yesterday with my kindle in my hands, and I swear, I was giggling in my dreams...

Highly recommended!