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~Henry Miller

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Winner Takes All: Master/Slave Fantasies by Christopher Pierce

Winner Takes All: Master/Slave Fantasies by Christopher Pierce - Christopher Pierce,  M. Christian,  David Stein

There are enough Warnings EVERYWHERE not to attract the false readers to the book.

So, if you will be shocked by an extremely graphical presentation full of taboos, you can blame ONLY yourself, it is really only your OWN fault.

Because before you can dive into this collection out of 17 VERY SMUTTY short novels you have to pass first through the warnings of publisher, then through the author's foreword - that explains you the meaning of TPE(Total Power Exchange) - and at last through the editor's note.

You still didn't get it?

Then let ME warn you:



You're looking for a sweet romance?
Skip this one.

You're looking for something that makes you think?
Skip this one.

You're looking for very good quotes?
Skip this one.

You're a vanilla girl/boy?
Skip this one.

You want something to...er...masturbate?
WELL...already better, but you should get first at least a sample.

Just to let you know - we need different books for the...er...intimate time with ourselves.
If you prefer something very romantic, skip this one.

That's all.
***see WARNINGS above

My reserved rating I can explain:
1)I am just not a HUGE fan of BDSM.
2)I can't understand the fascination of golden shower kink.
3)It is not normally my kind of fiction, but I was curious.

And if you need to know more about this book, you can get the full information here:

Kynthos-the-Archer's Reviews

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For all fans of TPE and BDSM kinky fans.