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~Henry Miller

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Looks Over (Gives Light, #2)

Looks Over (Gives Light, #2) - Rose Christo It is rather 2, 5 stars than 3 stars.

If I have to describe with one word the second book of the Gives Light series it would be


Even Skylar couldn't save the story for me.

Everything that I so loved in the first book was pushed into the background and the main focus of the story was set on the problems of the Native Americans and their lack of rights.
I'm pretty sure that it is a very complicated topic and though I'm from Europe we know a lot about the history of the conquest of America, yes, believe me I'm informed about it. But I can't buy this pink-ideal-world-image of the Nettlebush Indian Reserve. Everybody there is super nice, very understanding, extremely tolerant, incredibly pleasant and there is a very warm affectionate and very special atmosphere. It is a kind of Pleasantville in it's best way. All bad things are outside, all villains are outside.
And that is the main idea of the second sequel.

The author changed her writing style and turned the pensive sweet and kind story in a kind of political pamphlet that ruined the magic of the whole book for me. There were no mistery in it, there were no any development of the relationship between Skylar and Rafael. I didn't feel them as I did it in the first book. Does' t matter how many times Skylar repeated how much he loved Rafael, doesn't matter how many times they passionately kissed each other, my heart stayed in stand-by-mode.