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The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mystery, #3)

The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mystery, #3) - Josh Lanyon 3,5 stars

The good news:

There are two great things in The Hell You Say- the writing and Adrien English.

And the fact that I'm not able to put this series aside and pick something different for a change speaks for itself.

Though I didn't like it as much as I like the first two books.

And there are some simple explanations for it:

There was more mystery than I can tolerate, and there was not enough romance here for my taste. The healthy balance between mystery and love story that I've admired in the fist books was destroyed.

There was not enough of Jake, or better to say, there were just 2-3 scenes where Adrien and Jake were TOGETHER. By themselves.

I can say now for sure that I prefer the mystery of ancient legends and old tales of the book2 to the mystery of occultism and Satanism of The Hell you Say.

I was bored with all this stuff. Honestly.

I can't understand hatred toward Jake of most readers. I feel only pity for him. You won't be happy living in a growing web of lies. And I hope he'll understand it very soon. Not because of Adrien, but first of all because of himself.

And I hope I can get more of the romance between Adrien and Jake in the next instalment!!!