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~Henry Miller

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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5)

The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5) - Josh Lanyon

If I have to judge only the mystery part, then I'd say that the last book of the Adrien English Mystery The Dark Tide was the best.

But it was different.
And our two guys, Adrien and Jake, that I have taken into my heart, were different, they have changed comparing to the other books.

We were shown totally new sides of their characters.
One can argue if it was favourably for the both MCs but it was for sure a benefit for the romance between the two.

I experience different inconsistent emotions after finishing The Dark Tide.

I am SAD!
I have to say GOODBYE to Adrien and Jake and hope that they will be happy together in the old big house of Lisa, with a cat and a dog and a pool and...maybe a new criminal puzzle?

And I am HAPPY.
HAPPY that they find each other once again, that they had their fist time together with no secrets and no restriction.

And I am satisfied.
That Josh Lanyon didn't turn this wonderful mystery series into the long soap-opera with everlasting misunderstandings and endless inner conflicts.

Well, if it can't get any better, you should stop.

So... it was a perfect timing to stop.

And I'm excited.

Because I developed my new favourite author, Josh Lanyon.

With Adrien English Mystery he has deserved a personal shelf on my TBR! And there are so many books that are waiting for me!!!

Not only for MM readers, not only for mystery fans
highly recommended.