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~Henry Miller

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Spin Out

Spin Out - James Buchanan
4,3 stars!

I LIKE JOE. And I like Kabe. And I like almost everything about the series. It has a very high risk of addiction.
And I willingly go FOR IT. FOR HIM. I LOVE YOU, JOE.


But I loved Joe in the book 1 more.

Don't get me wrong-it is not a critic. It is my declaration of love.

Why I liked the first book a bit more:

* I'm a BEGINNER junkie, I love the begin of every relationship, all this sexual tension, the first touch, the first kiss, the first fuck- if you want. At the beginning there is something of the forbidden fruit - bitter and sweet at at the same time...I JUST CAN'T HAVE ENOUGH OF IT.

* I hate all kind of misunderstandings. I know...all these Oh/Ah/WTF, all these sudden angst, pains, sufferings + HOW COULD YOU/WHY DIDN'T YOU-moments give us the possibility to know the MCs from the other perspective. Nice. And HERE it was also good written. Excellent dialogues, beautiful thoughts. But I still wasn't able to understand the Kabe's reaction. Maybe it is the reason why I couldn't like him as much as I liked him in the first book. But it is in the first place about Joe. And he was absolutely irresistible with his explanations.
"Lord knows you tease me about my faith...but I don't have to hide it from you. I can just be Joe, all the parts of Joe around you. And that was worth more than my church or my job to hold onto."

* A BDSM aspect. I am not a fun of any BDSM relationship in my books. And I still don't refer their relationship as a BDSM one. Though in spite of really really HOT sex scenes I found the presence of pain during sex not very appealing: I know, it's me, you'll find it probably very exciting. And from the other side, well, Kabe was happy, Joe was happy, I was happy reading the scene, so...it was not THAT BAD.

*The mystery part. For being NOT MORE in the background it was not good enough to be in the main focus of the story.

And now just ignore me.
*Joe is the biggest romantic and I like his beautiful mind. To be in his head all the time is a great pleasure.

* This series is one of my favourite MM-series.

* Joe-is one of my all time favourite protagonists.

* James Buchanan belongs WITHOUT ANY TINY DOUBT to the best MM-writers that a genre has to offer.

Thanks GOD for sending them to me!