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Hard Fall

Hard Fall  - James Buchanan
4,8 stars!!!
I know I'm a greedy person.

The first book of the series, [b:Hard Fall|6305167|Hard Fall (Deputy Joe, #1)|James Buchanan|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347622280s/6305167.jpg|6580576]was published 2009 and we have 2014!

5 years full of despairing search for something like THIS, for something like HIM, like DEPUTY JOE!!!

I'm not sure that I can order it under mystery, it is for sure not a typical mystery, or better to say, the mystery part is not the main focus of the book.
The main focus of the book is Joe.

Joe is one of the "Magnificent Seven" deputies for the whole Garfield County, Utah, the area where your family has to be around at least three generation to be seen as local. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't cuss. He is Mormon, he is a religious man. And he is gay.
Gay and Mormon don't cohabit very well.
So, it is no wonder that he is deeeeep in closet. He could stay there maybe all his life long, pretending and managing to score a hand job in Vegas on some free weekends. But fate has other plans with Joe. It is why it sends Kabe, a city boy on probation after spending time in prison on a felony arrest.
I saw him and I wanted him. I don't think anyone can imagine how bad.

Soon it'll be very clearly, that they share not only passion for the wild nature, mountains, hiking and climbing.

Well, here I want to stop because I don't want to spoil you the pleasure of being in Joe's head. From now on he belongs to my all time favourite MM-characters.
And there are more than one reason for it. But you have to find out for yourself.

My final verdict:
imageIt is one of the best MM-series.

imageJoe is one of the best MM-characters.

imageThe book has one of the best sex scenes. I've noticed that some readers referred them as BDSM. I don't. At least not the first book. Joe is a control freak but a good one. It is not very unusual if he wants to be on top also by sex. Well, it is more about exercise and give up control. And it was goooooood. *sigh*

imageIt is one of the best first person POVs. I'm a first person POV junkie, I prefer this way of telling, and if it well done-I'm perfectly happy. And I assure you-I AM.

imageA great romance. HOT. But not only. A lot of good thoughts about our world and religion. Joe, you are my hero!

imageA very good writing style-vivid and flowing. Witty and very real.

Highly highly recommended!

To the next instalment!