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~Henry Miller

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Foxe Hunt

Foxe Hunt - Haley Walsh
I am currently on my I-AM-NOT-IN-THE-MOOD-FOR-A-LONG-REVIEW phase, so I'll make it short.

I am a bit disappointed with Foxe Hunt. Because I really enjoyed the first book and was almost sure that the second book would be better.

The most strange thing- I can't even explain WHY I didn't like it as much as I'd hoped.
It was the whole package that didn't work for me:

Skyler. A nice guy next door from the first book turned into a capricious diva who became increasingly annoying.

Keith Fletcher. Gorgeous assistant football coach and biology teacher, a closet teacher, actually he is FBI, I knew it!!!. Hunk on a Stick. Walking Wet Dream. Everybody wanted him. Except me. Don't ask me WHY. Just shortly- the chemistry between us was zero.

Sex scenes. There were much more than in the first book. But I wanted to skip them. Not a good sign.

The writing. Well, it was not the writing that kept me on reading.

The good news- I need to know what happens next.

The story, in spite of the fact that my enthusiasm was cooled down, remains puzzling, entertaining and ironically charming.

I'm glad that Haley Walsh doesn't mean it too seriously.

It's why I'll read the next book, But I need a small pause.