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~Henry Miller

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Full Release

Full Release - Marshall Thornton
4,5 stars!


I think that it cannot be overlooked that I and the writing of Marshall Thornton are perfectly compatible.

It gives me exactly WHAT I need to enjoy a book:

♥ Great mystery
♥ Fantastic 1st person POV
♥ Likeable personalities with charisma
♥ Best sex scenes
♥ Dry humour

Matt Latowski is not Nick Nowak.
As a studio accountant can not be compared with a private investigator.
As the early 80s can not be compared with the modern age.
As Chicago can not be compared with LA.
It is much easier and less dramatic and less emotional and less intense than Boystown. It is different.
[b:Full Release|11098195|Full Release|Marshall Thornton|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302691697s/11098195.jpg|16020218] has a delightful comedy touch in spite of a thrilling crime story and...IT HAS MORE ROMANCE(!!!) that makes it to a special and very pleasant read.

And yes, Matt Latvski and Nick Nowak have something in common - they have the same CREATOR, [a:Marshall Thornton|3000192|Marshall Thornton|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1263196997p2/3000192.jpg].

And it means, you'll have a page-turner-mystery with a nice erotic background, a very good written first person POV, hot sex scenes that won't give you a feeling that an author goes through the grocery's list and an unique unmistakable dry humour a là Marshal Thornton.

It is a MUST READ for all Marshall Thornton fans!

If you though a newbie in the amazing world of Marshall Thornton's writing, I 'd recommend you to read first his Boystown series.

You'll become addicted to his writing and can consciously to savour his other works.