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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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My Favorite Uncle

My Favorite Uncle - Marshall Thornton

4,3 stars!

I want to start with the cover. Isn't it ADORABLE?!
Yes, it is! And made personally from Marshall Thornton!


Dear readers, how often have you been browsing through different books with the same half naked males? The same covers, the different titles.
I HATE THESE COVERS that keep constantly appearing in my update field.
Dear authors, ask Marshall Thornton for a favour next time.
Maybe he'll agree to design a cover for your new book.

Most of you know Marshall Thornton from Boystown series but he is not only a very talented mystery writer. I am a big fan of his comedy's skills.

A nice easy going comedy. It was what I'd expected from the book with this title, this blurb and this cover. And I was not totally wrong - I laughed enough reading it. BUT. It was like laughing with one eye and tearing with another. It was not ONLY hilarious and funny. There were a lot of very serious thoughts about the world, the God, about acceptance, about love, hate, duties, friendship, about being young and silly and being old and silly, about coming to an age, about a lot of nice and sad things. Simply about life. Excellent written. As always.

I highlighted the half of the book - you can see it in my updates- but I didn't upload all of my favourite quotes.

It took me almost a half of the book to understand that this book was not in the first place about Carter, though about Martin. And how Carter changed Martin's world, broke down his daily routine and helped him to find HIMSELF.

Wonderful book brilliantly written!

I have to warn you:


It is a brilliant mixture out of everything though the comedy is outweighing. It is serious and funny at the same time. Melancholic and poignant. If you prefer the strictly separation of the genres you'll be probably confused. Normally I'm not a fan of a genre's mixture. But if an author can - and Marshall Thornton CAN-it is a great reading experience. And I'm grateful for it.
Some things were meaner if you said them calmly.

Some serious things are more impressive if they are told not with an iron face.

P.SThank you for reading together, girls! - Otila, Rosa, Sofia, Irina - ;))