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Boystown 6: From The Ashes: A Nick Nowak Mystery

Boystown 6: From The Ashes: A Nick Nowak Mystery - Marshall Thornton The waiting has been worth it.

Marshall Thornton DID IT AGAIN!!!!!

And I swear, it was not THAT easy.

The book 5 was a PERFECTION.
It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to overtop it. I knew it.
It is why I was afraid to read the book 6.
Of course I was waiting for it.
You can't even imagine HOW I was waiting for it.
It had to be released on 23th of May.
I spent ALMOST the whole day checking Amazon every 10 Min. NOTHING.
I was exhausted. I was angry!
And...I was afraid: "What if the book 6 wont't be as good as I hoped?!"

I should have better trusted Marshall Thornton's writing skills.

He is one of the most AMAZING, GIFTED, EXPRESSIVE and the best ONE PERSON'S POV WRITERS that this genre can offer.

The bad news - we have to wait one year for the next book.
The good news - Marshall Thornton plans at least 10 sequels. (*happy dance*!!)

I have to confess that I'm not a big fan of endless series. Very often they are nothing else than countless number of misunderstandings, cheating and very unreal situations. And very often I simply go nuts over it. That particularly applies a romance genre.
But Boystown it is not a ROMANCE. And Boystown 6 is even LESS a romance than the previous books. It is in the first place A GREAT UNIQUE MYSTERY, EXCELLENT WRITTEN, with ONLY ONE main character - Nick Nowak, a private investigator.

If you look for a typical romance hero, then you're with Nick Nowak on the wrong place.
Though being sometimes a bad ass, he is very smart, LOYAL, complicated in all possible ways, sexy, witty, VERY REAL and so damn HONEST. I LOVE HIM. I FEEL WITH HIM. AND I SUFFER WITH HIM.

We're talking about the book 6 in the series, I don't have to explain a lot. It is not a stand alone. You have to start from the beginning.
Do it. Please, do it.

WHY the book 6 is great:

image Nick and Mrs.Harker. I'm so happy they found the way to each other, the way to forgive and to accept and to help each other. This scene, on the sofa, in her apartment...
She closed the album, and said, so quietly I wasn't sure I heard her at first, "I miss him."
"I miss him, too."

I had to run away form everybody and everything, because I couldn't stop to cry. Silly. But I'm sure that readers who did this through can understand me. Holy f*ck! It was just two word but they made me DIZZY. Try it again and you'll fail.

image HOW Nick got back to his PI job.

image The mystery. It was soooo gooooood. But is it not always?

image Daniel. I think this chapter of Nick's life is consider be closed now. Nick has to move further.
When we broke up, when we were bashed, Daniel had wanted to put in a police report. That was the brave thing to do and I couldn't do it. And now, it seemed to me that in the face of this sickness, in the face of possibly dying, the brave thing to do was to go ahead and have a life anyway, and yet Daniel couldn't do that. Somehow we had changed places.

image I'm not religious. But I felt with Nick somehow, and I think that the confession was good for him.
What did I really consider a sin? What did I really want to confess to this man? I wasn't going to sit there and tell him about all the sex I'd had. I didn't consider it wrong. And I certainly wasn't repentant. Then the words, "I killed a man", came out of mouth.[...]
How could my penance for killing someone be to forgive myself? That seemed absurd. And yet so Catholic.

image Brian. Thank you, Brian, for USING a condom!!!! It was the first mention of it in the series. And it marks a turning point in the history, yeah, I want to be pathetic. Because celibacy was not the only sane response to what was happening at that time.

imageThe ending. Marshall Thornton writes ALWAYS the best endings, he is a MASTER of endings. Doesn't matter how I was grieving with Nick through the book, the ending was BEAUTIFUL. And so full of hopes and optimism. The very last lines:
"With all the things that are happening in the world, shouldn't it be okay? Just to say I love you?"
"Yes, it should be okay."
And it was.

image Nick. Nick. Nick. Nick. And...just Nick.

image The writing.

I want more of Nick!!!
Sorry, I was drunk, all I wanted to say was:

Marshall Thornton is the best gay mystery writer we have.
And if you don't get it yet, I can't help you.