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Fracture - Adam Ryle 4,5 stars!


For all those who don't know:
Adam Ryle = Todd Young.

I know, I started to be repetitive though I'd like to share my thoughts about the pen name's topic.
I swear, it is THE LAST TIME!

BUT it has to be said!!!

Just ignore the part from ***||*** to ***||*** if you don't want to read them.

I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER read this book.
Have you seen the rating?
Books with an average rating between 2 and 3 stars don't attract my attention. Well, sometimes even our favourite authors release a book that doesn't touch us.
But if you don't know an author + a bad rating + it is the only book he/she wrote...How great is the likelihood that you pick up this book? EVEN if it is offered for free?
And how great is the likelihood that you pick up this book if it is NOT for free and not very cheap?

I would have never found out that Adam Ryle=Todd Young.If you can find in the profile of Joel Lake and Luke King an indication that it is another pen name of Todd Young, there is no such information in the profile of Adam Ryle. I know it ONLY because Todd Young revealed it himself in his blog.

From the other hand, what's the meaning of many pen names if everybody knows who hides behind? Besides the writing is so recognisable. IN EVERY FUCKING LINE. And it was a relief. I was afraid it could be something I wouldn't connect to Todd Young.
Todd can fool everyone but not me.
I would strongly recommend to re-publish this GREAT book under the name of Todd Young. Not only to keep away the wrong readers but to attract the REAL fans!

And unfortunately a lot of pen names is also the reason for sarcasm! Those readers who don't belong to the fans of Todd Young don't see it as an attempt of the author to facilitate reader's choice but as an attempt to hide his real identity trying to win more readers.
And that is not true.


Or you can skip my review and read a Syfy's review. She nailed it.

It is not a typical Todd Young story:

imageIt doesn't contain a lot of graphical sex scenes. Sex happens mainly in heads and not on the sheets, on the other level, so to say.

imageIt is a mystery, a psycho mystery. With a slow pace at the beginning. With sudden twists and unexpected turns. With a masterpiecely done portraying! IT.BLEW.ME.AWAY. WOW.

imageIT IS NOT A MM ROMANCE. In spite of the fact that it is about SEX and LOVE and LUST.

I stayed up all night reading it. I couldn't put it down. The story didn't let me go! What for a wild ride!

Is Colin a psychopath, a sick a voyeur,a victim of circumstance or a poor devil?

I have to repeat myself AGAIN.
Sorry for using the same adjectives every time I describe my emotions reading Todd Young's books.


Yes, it is weird and creepy and crazy and odd and strange.

And it is disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

And tragically sad.

And powerfully amazing.

And this ending...