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~Henry Miller

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Bone: stories

Bone: stories - Tom Bacchus

4, 3 stars!

This book surprised me. Because of two -actually there are even more than two but they are the main-reasons.

1. It was first published 1994.
2. It doesn't have ANY reviews here and THE ONLY ONE on Amazon
Well, now it has.

Why I bought it:

1) It was free on Amazon. I could delete it from my kindle if I wouldn’t like it.
2) And it sounded like a PWP, in other words, the right read for my holiday.
Honestly, who would expect anything else from this title and the author with such a name?!

Bone is a good written collection of sexy hot gay erotica short stories, that are not connected with each other, except that they all are written from my favourite first person's POV.
REALLY for every taste! I swear, you won't get bored.

NOT suitable for readig in public. Because they are smoking HAAAAAWT.

My kindle melted in my hands and it was NOT because of the very hot Greece sun.
And they all had a magical SOMETHING that prevented me to classify this book JUST ONLY as a PWP.
And IF I have to classify it as PWP, then for sure, it is one of the best I've ever read.

The next book, please!!!