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The Haunting of Timber Manor

The Haunting of Timber Manor - F.E. Feeley Jr.

3,5 stars!

For a debut novel F.E.Feeley jr. did really a good job keeping my attention on the story from the first till the very last page. I had some tiny problems with the plot but maybe because PRN is not my typical genre.

The writing

If I have to describe in one word the writing style of F.E.Feeley jr. I would use comfortable. It was like sitting in your favourite armchair, drinking your favourite drink and admiring a nice view from your window. Even if there were some creepy events and angry ghost fooling around I have never lost this comfort feeling while reading about the haunted house.


The book is far from a grisly tale of ghosts. I don't watch horrors and I don't read horrors. For me it was a kind of positive aspect, but I just want to warn those readers who prefer the books that make one's blood freezes. It is not.

It is a first person's POV, my favourite way of telling. But at the same time it was here my biggest problem. Less is more. I don't mind to have a switching POV between Daniel and Hale but I think to make almost every character in the book to have their own POV was a bit overloaded.

The story

Daniel Donnelly, 23 years old, lost his parents in a boat accident and take an invitation from his aunt to spend time with her at the birth place of his father. Tiber Manor is a name of the family property outside a small town of Emerson. Daniels farther left his home many years ago and never came back. There was family's secrets behind but he had never spoken to his son about. I asked me why did Carol and later Daniel and Hale stayed in this house? Especially when everything started to be really creepy and not relaxing at all for the people who lived there. The family was very rich and had enough money to buy something else and to leave it or sell it or burn it. Even as it was already obvious WHO and WHY wanted to kill them, they stayed there. It was like creating a problem where it could have been any.


So, Tiber Manor, is a main scene for everything that had happened in the book. And I'm not going to ruin a pleasure for you and give anything away. Tiber Mannor is also the place where Daniel met Hale Davis, the local sheriff. The romance between them was sweet and sex scenes were good written, though not extremely hot. I am not a big fan of an instalove but for this sweet romance was difficult to imagine something different.


All in all- a very enjoyable read from a very promising author.

For all fans of PRN and not only.


***Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***